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Wuzstar Outboard Motor, 6.5HP 4-Stroke Boat Engine Motor with CDI Water Cooling System

Wuzstar Outboard Motor, 6.5HP 4-Stroke Boat Engine Motor with CDI Water Cooling System

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Do you like fishing on the river? Do you want to go boating with your family? But are you worried about the manual boating is too tiring? With our outboard engine . you don’t have to worry about this problem. The 4-stroke 6.5 hp outboard engine provides enough power to drive the ship at a very fast speed. It will be your most powerful assistant when you are sailing at sea.


Material: Plastic . Aluminium Alloy

Color: Black

Type: 4-stroke 6.5 HP

Displacement: 123CC

Gear Ratio: 2.08(27:13)

Cylinder: 1

Max.Output: 4.8kw

Rotation: 5000-6000r/min

Speed: About 5-20km/h(3.1-12.42Miles/h) (Depending on the Environment . Water Area . and Ship Load . the Speed may Vary)

Gear Positions: F-N-R

Ignition System: CDI

Cooling System: Water-cooling

Control System: Tiller Control

Starting System: Manual Start

Control System: #92Gasoline

Recommended Propeller Range: 7.6-17.7 x 22.8cm/3-7in x 9in

Recommended Lubricant: Four Stroke Lubricating Oil

Mixing Ratio: PureGasoline

Trim and Tilt System: Manual Tilt

Fuel Consumption: About 2L/H (0.52gal/H)

Standard Fuel Tank Capacity: 12L/3.2gal

Short Shaft: 40cm/15.74in

Clamping Width: 4cm/1.57in

Bore x Stroke: 59*45mm/2.32*1.77in

Clamp Size: 7*13cm/2.76*5.12in

Clamping Range: 0-4cm/0-1.57in

Handle Length: 34cm/13.39in

Engine Head Size: 39*23*25cm/15.35*9.06*5.91in

Fuel Tank Size: 34*22*24cm/13.39*8.66*9.45in

Silencer Size: 41*25cm/16.14*9.84inch

Outboard Height: 102cm/40.16inch

Fuel Tank & Pipe Net Weight: 2.3kg/5.07lbs

Fuel Tank & Pipe Gross Weight: 2.75kg/6.06lbs

Outboard Gross Weight: 29.05kg/64.04lbs

Outboard Net Weight: 24.95kg/55lbs

Fuel Tank & Pipe Package Size: 40*31*30.5cm/15.75*12.2*12inch

Outboard Package Size: 64*38.5*111cm/25.2*15.16*43.7inch

Thrust Force: 300-750kg/661-1653lbs

Package Included:

1* Outboard Engine

1* Oil Pipe

1* Funnel

1* Fuel Tank

1* English User Manual

All Accessories for Installation


Our machines are all without gear oil versions. Please add gear oil to the gears before using the motor and replace gear oil after the run-in period. (If you do not know how to handle this . please contact us). Our outboard motor doesn’t with oil of gear . please prepare it by yourself.

When there is no water coming out of the motor . stop using it immediately and then check the pump impeller or check that the outlet is not blocked.

Please don’t start the motor on the shore without water. Even if you want to test the motor . it should be done in the river!

After using in salt water . it is recommend to wash it with clean water immediately.

Please add gear oil to the gears before using the motor and change the gear oil after the break-in period (10 hours). After the break-in period . you will need to change the gear oil again after 100 hours of operation.

About the noise: all petrol engines have noise. Currently . we have not tested the decibels . but the noise is the same as a motorbike . so this is normal.

The machine itself is very light and can be used on board with a weight of 100 kg or less. It can carry up to 4 people . but the speed is certainly not the same when one person is on it or when 4 people are on it. Customers with high expectations of speed . please take note.

Please do not start the motor on the cylinder bank or use the motor when stopping water discharge . so as to avoid scratching the cylinder

Please note that the exact speed of travel depends on the shape of your boat . weight . water . wind . and other factors.

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