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SKLZ Quick Stick Baseball Swing Trainer, Black

SKLZ Quick Stick Baseball Swing Trainer, Black

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SKLZ Quick Stick Training Bat takes your batting performance to the next level. The underload training bat improves hand-eye coordination by forcing batters to focus intently with the narrow-diameter barrel and deliver more accurate swings. This bat also improves batter’s hand speed to make better contact with every ball. With only 12 oz. of weight . batters can get in more swings with less fatigue to deliver a better performance on and off the field. The lightweight design makes for fast rotation speed and hand speed training . or for pre-game warm-ups. The Quick Stick is ideal for most league types and almost any player can benefit from the added intensity and coordination this bat delivers. With a durable aluminum design and a strong grip . this bat can be used over and over again for improved performance on every swing. Designed with your swing in mind . SKLZ Quick Stick Training Bat is here to help every player reach their full potential.

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