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SKLZ Hit-a-Way Select Baseball Swing Trainer

SKLZ Hit-a-Way Select Baseball Swing Trainer

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The SKLZ Hit-A-Way Select is a dynamic swing trainer that helps improve batter’s timing . contact . and confidence at the plate . and is perfect for team or solo practice. By utilizing the twist-back ball and cable design . athletes can simulate real pitches during practice or at home training. The unique customizable design allows for athletes to easily adjust the cable and ball position for different pitch locations. The trainer can be used by both right or left-handed batters to improve swing timing and stride length to help create a smoother swing. For maximum repetition . athletes keep the ball in motion by hitting the ball as it returns around the center pole. Built to withstand hours of practice . it’s tough enough to hold up against seasons of use. The Hit-A-Way Select features a two-piece durable center pole with removable legs for easy breakdown . storage . and transportation. It also comes with a carry bag and three large metal spikes for anchoring. Recommended for ages 13 and under.

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