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Pioneer TS-A2000LB – 8-inch Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure

Pioneer TS-A2000LB – 8-inch Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure

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The Pioneer TS-A2000LB A-Series Shallow Mount Preloaded Enclosure has an 8 in. subwoofer already positioned inside. Traditional subwoofer terminals are mounted horizontally or vertically. These mounts force wires to be bent to fit which can be difficult if low -Gauge high performance wires are used. The Pioneer shallow subwoofers angled push terminals make it easy to connect speaker wires. The straighter connection saves space and makes installation easier. And compact . space-saving dimensions make it easy to install the preloaded subwoofer enclosure in the cabin or luggage area in a variety of trucks-standard cab . extended cab or crew cab.

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