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Pioneer DMH-WC6600NEX 9-inch Modular Solutions Receiver

Pioneer DMH-WC6600NEX 9-inch Modular Solutions Receiver

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Pioneer’s NEX . or Networked Entertainment Experience . line of receivers introduces an innovative and potent new user interface . renowned for its responsiveness and high level of customization. These NEX models are meticulously crafted to align with the smartphone-centric lifestyle of today. Pioneer marks a milestone by introducing its inaugural feature-centric “over the air” software update for its more recent NEX radios . boasting screens measuring 9 or 10.1 inches. These Over-the-Air updates grant Pioneer in-dash receivers access to the latest firmware and feature enhancements effortlessly . facilitated through the utilization of the Car AV Assist app. Embrace the simplicity of wireless updates . all the while eradicating the need for manual data transfers via USB drives. The Car AV Assist app is available for free download . catering to both iPhone and Android users.

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