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Marucci Ascension 11.5″ Baseball Glove: MFG2AS43A2 Right Hand Thrower

Marucci Ascension 11.5″ Baseball Glove: MFG2AS43A2 Right Hand Thrower

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Marucci Ascension 11.5″ Baseball Glove: MFG2AS43A2Add the Marucci Ascension 11.5″ Baseball Glove to your bag and attack groundballs with confidence!Glove BenefitsThe Ascension Series will deliver a high-quality baseball glove for a pre-teen or young teenage players with a little more growing to do. With Marucci’s Ascension Series . you should expect to get a glove with a fitting for players in middle school or junior high.As well . the leather will provide some stiffness that youngsters might not be used to experiencing with their gloves. It will probably take some use for the glove to get into game-ready shape . but if you see the break-in process through . you’ll love the finished product.Additionally . this glove will have Marucci’s new M Type design that integrates the thumb and pinky stalls . plus it provides an enhanced thumb stall cushioning that maximizes comfort and feel.The 11.50″ length of this particular Ascension glove makes it a great choice at 2B . SS . or even at 3B. It is going to have a medium pocket depth that should allow for fast transfers from the glove to the throwing hand.WarrantyMarucci knows that it takes dedication to get customers to return for more of their quality baseball and softball gloves! And although they don’t list a specific warranty period . they will be happy to take a look at any situation where a glove appears to have received some damage outside of ordinary wear-&-tear. Reach out to the JustGloves Glove Experts if you feel you have a warranty issue with this glove and we will get you the information to reach out to Marucci to possibly begin the warranty replacement proce

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