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Igloo 25 QT Picnic Basket Cooler, Red

Igloo 25 QT Picnic Basket Cooler, Red

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With the Igloo 25 QT Picnic Basket Cooler . you can start making those fun outdoor plans knowing you’ll be providing the crew with ice-cold refreshments all day long. Whether it’s a picnic at the park or your kid’s soccer game . this fun-friendly . everyday cooler will get the job done. Igloo designed this cooler to be the perfect size that’s spacious . but still compact enough that it’s easy to carry??even with one hand! The swing handles meet at the top to make one-handed hauling super simple. This red . white and blue picnic cooler is built with advanced cooling features . including Igloo’s environmentally friendly THERMECOOL foam insulation and Cool Riser Technology. Unlike most hard coolers . this one includes built-in pockets in its soft Cool Fusion lid so you can store additional accessories (like a bottle opener!).

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