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Greenworks 24V (12V/24V) Inflator Pump with 2Ah USB Battery & Charger

Greenworks 24V (12V/24V) Inflator Pump with 2Ah USB Battery & Charger

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The Greenworks 24V Cordless and Corded Tire Inflator is perfect for a wide variety of inflatables . ideal for cars . motorcycles . bicycles . RVs . air mattresses . inflatable boats . sports equipment . and more. This powerful inflator combines a cordless & corded design with 2 power sources – works with a 24-volt rechargeable battery or a 12-volt vehicle power outlet so you can choose which fits your needs the best. A digital pressure display with automatic shut off can be set to the desired PSI and will shut off automatically for added convenience. This high pressure pump is capable of quickly and efficiently filling your tire to a Maximum Inflation Pressure of 160 PSI. The high flow pump is perfect for quickly inflating air mattresses and pool floats . while the built-in LED light illuminates your workspace. Plus . the deflate function allows for rapid deflation of inflatables for quick and easy cleanup. The kit also includes a 2Ah Battery & Charger . 12V Vehicle Power Outlet . Low Pressure Hose . and 3 Inflator Adaptors . allowing you to power over 100 tools with any Greenworks 24V battery.

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