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Greenworks 14″ Corded Electric 10.5 Amp Chainsaw 20222

Greenworks 14″ Corded Electric 10.5 Amp Chainsaw 20222

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Greenworks offers a range of systems to choose from in corded and cordless tools. The Greenworks 14?? Corded Electric 10.5 Amp Chainsaw is a reliable cutting companion for branches and logs. Featuring a 14?? bar and chain . it effortlessly tackles various cutting tasks with precision. Its user-friendly design includes an easy chain tensioning system with a quick-tighten knob for swift adjustments. Ensuring durability and a prolonged chain life . the automatic oiler consistently applies oil to the bar and chain. Monitoring oil levels is hassle-free thanks to the translucent oil tank . providing a clear view for timely refills. For continued cutting performance . the Greenworks Replacement Chain (2904802) is readily available . promising a seamless transition when a replacement is needed. Experience efficiency and durability in cutting applications with the Greenworks Corded Electric Chainsaw.

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