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Cuisinart 12 Cup Classic Coffeemaker, Black, DCC-1500TG

Cuisinart 12 Cup Classic Coffeemaker, Black, DCC-1500TG

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CUISINART 12-Cup Coffeemaker Savor delicious brewed coffee in style with the new 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker. With its modern curved design . this kitchen essential brings ??fresh?? to your cup and to your counter. Enjoy the convenience of preprogramming with 24-hour advance presets that accommodate any schedule . so a full carafe is ready to pour without any wait time. Make up to 12 cups in the ergonomic . easy-to-hold carafe that sits on a warming plate that keeps coffee hot for 2 hours . with an automatic shutoff setting. Set the clock . brew . run the cleaning process or sneak a quick cup in the middle of a brew cycle with the Brew Pause feature. The most delicious hot coffee is fast and fresh when filtered through both an easy-clean . permanent nylon coffee filter and a charcoal water filter. Freshen up your kitchen with the new 12-Cup Coffeemaker from Cuisinart!

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