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CHAMPRO Gauntlet 1 Football Shoulder Pad, 2X-Large

CHAMPRO Gauntlet 1 Football Shoulder Pad, 2X-Large

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The CHAMPRO Gauntlet Shoulder Pad Series provides athletes with a sleeker pad . allowing for greater mobility and an optimal fit. The Gauntlet I model is an excellent choice for youth football players. Their low-profile cantilever design with 3D steel arch spring creates and maintains a secure . superior fit during gameplay. They’re made with integrated deltoid pads to provide extra padding and a Shock Rail system that disperses energy impact through its unique shoulder corrugation ridges. Adjustable 1?? wide elastic straps with T-hooks offer easy adjustment . so athletes can customize their fit for maximum comfort. A hook-and-loop attachment system allows for adjustment of pads and easy removal for cleaning. Available in 8 sizes . from 2X-Small to 3X-Large . to fit players of every position . from lineman to quarterback to receiver. Comes in Black with a glossy finish.

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